CERT assists GWA in providing rail safety accreditation

CERT assists GWA in providing rail safety accreditation CERT assists GWA in providing rail safety accreditation

GWA operates over nearly 5,000 kilometres of track, providing intrastate haulage of bulk commodities (including grain, steel, gypsum, and minerals) to key industries as well as short haul shunting and terminal operations. It is also a major supplier of contracted services such as locomotives, wagons and crews to freight forwarders and infrastructure service providers operating on the interstate rail network. At this time, GWA has approximately 320 employees (includes Commonwealth Registered Trainees), 77 locomotives, and 575 wagons. The company utilises and facilitates service from the following depots: Dry Creek (SA), Port Lincoln (SA), Thevenard (SA), Whyalla (SA), Port Pirie (SA), Port Augusta (SA), Alice Springs (NT) and Darwin (NT).

GWA recently took back the maintenance of their rail line after a long-standing maintenance program with Transfield Services (now Broad Spectrum), which has resulted in further training for CERT/GWA authorised trainers to upgrade and maintain qualifications in Rail Infrastructure, Rail Operations and Safeworking.

GWA has established training and assessment systems that accommodate the requirements for the facilitation of accredited training programs but is not a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). CERT is assisting GWA in providing rail safety accreditation to its candidates by allowing the GWA’s personnel to participate in and be accredited by CERT’s Trainer Professional Development Program.

CERT NSW was lucky enough to be visited by GWA Training compliance office Rosslyn Dixon in April to view our NSW office where our SA training is administered. This trip further enriched the partnership between CERT and GWA.

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