State Funding

TLI21315 Certificate II in Rail Infrastructure

Enrolments for this course in South Australia may be eligible for funded placement under the Department of Industry and Skills WorkReady program.

Eligibility and subsidy criteria apply. The following links will assist participants wishing to check their eligibility and course funding arrangements

Funding arrangements

This is a general qualification for basic operations within rail infrastructure environments covering a range of tasks involving known routines and procedures and taking some responsibility for the quality of work outcomes. Possible job titles relevant to this qualification include:

Track Work

  • Track Worker
  • Track Installer
  • Track Maintainer


  • Structures Maintainer

Track Surfacing

  • Plant Operator
  • Mobile Plant Operator

This qualification has no pre-requisite requirements.

Participants will be required to undertake CERT’s enrolment processes and provide a verified Unique Student Identification (USI) Number as a condition of enrolment.

All course materials will be provided by CERT.

Participation in this course requires training and assessment in actual and simulated rail corridor environments where suitable clothing and personal protective equipment (PPE) are required. Such requirements will be pre-advised or supplied by CERT

Students continue to pay course fees under WorkReady funding arrangements where eligible.

Fees represent a contribution to the total cost of the course and are in addition to the subsidy that the government pays.

Standard fees  $3,000.00
Subsidised fees under WorkReady      $300.00


The course has a 400 hour duration typically completed over ten weeks. The program is delivered as a competency-based course with all training and assessment conducted during this timeframe including on-site components and formative assessment with final summative performance assessments under a structured training plan.

Existing workers with current skills and knowledge in the subject matter may progress through the program at an accelerated rate with options available for credit of existing qualifications and experience gained through the workplace. CERT provides advice and support for students with regard to Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) (see CERT’s advice on seeking RPL on this web site under Student Information’ or through contact with CERT staff).

Student induction and theory aspects of this course are conducted in class with practical aspects delivered on and around environments typical of the rail corridor and infrastructure development sites.

All training is conducted by CERT using compliant training materials and trainers with current qualifications and industry experience.

CERT provides supportive competency-based quality learning environments for all of our clients where individual needs are always considered.

Student enrolment and induction will include information about the course and the requirements for enrolment. Students undertake a Language Literacy and Numeracy (LL&N) assessment at the commencement of the course to ensure their needs can be identified and addressed throughout the program including learning support or other support.