How to Get Your Skid Steer Licence or Ticket and Operate Immediately

Get your skid steer licence or ticket today and start operating immediately.

There’s a wide range of potential careers in the construction industry you might not have considered. Becoming a skid steer operator is a great pathway into the industry by learning a valuable skill on an important piece of equipment. But to become an operator, you need a skid steer licence.

Operators must prove competency before they can begin so it’s important to undertake your skid steer ticket or competency requirements. To get a job as a skid steer operator you will need to have the correct skid steer certification or ticket to get going.

Most construction sites and infrastructure developments use skid steers to improve efficiency of the works. Their ability to carry out many tasks and their compact size, makes them ideal for construction sites of all sizes. You’ll always be in demand with this skill set as you build experience.

We’re here to answer some of the most frequently asked questions on getting a skid steer licence for those wanting to break into the industry and become a skid steer operator.

What is a skid steer and how is it different to a bobcat?

A skid steer loader is used to collect, lift and move materials and debris on construction and mining sites. It’s maneuverability and versatility have made it a popular piece of equipment and you can find one on almost every construction site. 

It’s able to dig and move materials like sand and dirt, but can also jackhammer tough cement and load trucks. A Bobcat, which is used commonly to describe the machine, is simply one brand of skid steer.

What is a skid steer licence or ticket and do I need one?

You don’t need a skid steer licence to operate a skid steer, however every construction site must prove competency in operation of skid steer machinery. In order to get a job as a skid steer operator on a construction site you will need to complete a statement of attainment. Certified training organisations like CERT are accredited to deliver a statement of attainment (RIIMPO318F) that is nationally recognised. This recognises you have undertaken the required training and assessment to operate the machinery safely, and allows your construction site to meet its requirements to show competency too.

What will I learn in this course?

CERT’s Statement of Attainment to Conduct Civil Construction Steer Loader Operations covers the following topic areas:

  • Plan and prepare for skid steer operations
  • Operate skid steer loader
  • Load, carry and place materials
  • Select, remove, fit and use attachments
  • Conduct housekeeping activities

How will I get my skid steer or bobcat licence or ticket?

To receive your Statement of Attainment you must be over 18 years of age. You will also need to meet the entry requirements, including a Language Literacy and Numeracy (LL&N) assessment. You will also be required to complete the 2 day training at the CERT accredited facility.

Final Thoughts

A long career in the construction industry starts with being properly qualified for the role you want. If you are after a versatile career that is in high demand then becoming a recognised skid steer operator might be the right role for you. 

Your opportunities will increase and you will have the chance to build your income as long as you are willing to work for it. Get your career off to the right start with your statement of attainment in skid steer operations today.

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