Same Professional Brand, New Rail Logo

Our new logo is designed with you in mind. More than just refreshing our look, our new logo is all about the high quality, industry leading, training you can trust – We’ve always been one of Australia’s leading Rail Industry Training organisations and now, our brand logo reflects this.

What’s New On Our Website

To reflect our focus on high-quality, Australia wide training. We’re making it easier for you to find the courses you need to succeed in the rail industry, build your career or grow your staff. We’re here for you.

New Login Page

We’ve made it easier for you to log into our platform to access your completed courses, register for training and book your medicals. You can access it easily from the home page or via individual course pages. Our new website is all about you.

News Portal Upgrade

We’ve upgraded our news portal to give you more than just stories. Our new portal will give you access to the latest blog posts, social links, and a place to find our all the latest on our training service offerings.

Training Calendar

We’ve upgraded our training calendar format to show on each course page, so you can quickly find the course you need, easily and without hassle. You can still search and find courses by state, but we are focused on making things easier for you.

We’ve always been one of Australia’s leading Rail Industry Training organisations; and now, our brand identify reflects this.

Anthony Fritsche - Executive General Manager

“I’m delighted to share our evolving CERT Training brand with you. Our brand and website refresh will serve to communicate the high-quality, reliable, industry leading expertise of our trainers and company to everyone who interacts with us.”

Anthony Fritsche
Executive General Manager,
Workforce Solutions by Engenco


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