What is Nationally Recognised Training?

What is Nationally Recognised Training? What is Nationally Recognised Training?

The rail industry employs around 60,000 people Australia-wide, with roles ranging from train drivers and track maintainers to hand signallers and safety managers. A career in rail offers unique opportunities, though you’ll need to start with the right qualifications. This is where CERT (Nationally Recognised Training) can help. Founded in 2003, CERT offers flexible, skills-based training solutions relevant to the Australian rail industry.

Are you interested in completing a nationally-recognised training course with CERT? Browse our range of courses online and read the information below on how a nationally-recognised qualification could get you on the right track to a career in rail.

What is nationally-recognised training?

Nationally-recognised training is any training which leads to qualifications that are recognised across Australia. On completion of nationally-recognised training, you are issued with a certificate that is recognised across all states and territories in Australia and your qualifications will be recorded on a national database by the Commonwealth Government.

How is nationally-recognised training regulated?

Nationally-recognised training can only be delivered by Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) and is strictly monitored by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA).

How do I find nationally recognised training courses?

A list of nationally-recognised training courses offered by CERT can be found on our website. Courses are listed by state and every course on the website states whether it is nationally-recognised training. You can also read a thorough description of each course’s units of competency, topics, entry requirements, assessment methods and related job roles. For more information, the training.gov.au website categorises by industry and makes it easy to browse nationally-recognised training courses that match your vocational goals.

What kinds of courses can I complete?

There are nationally-recognised training courses for almost every job role in the rail industry, from construction, maintenance and welding through to rail vehicle operators and handsignallers.

For example, QR3.2 SARC AND FATIGUE MANAGEMENT will equip you with the skills to safely access and navigate the rail corridor and includes a Nationally Recognised Statement of Attainment for the unit of competency called TLIF2080 – Safely access the rail corridor. The QR3.2 course is specific to the Queensland Rail network.

NSW ARTC TRACK EXAMINER & CERTIFIER is another Recognised Training course focusing on checking and repairing track geometry and assessing right-of-way infrastructure and gives you the outcome of:

TLIB3094 – Check and repair track geometry
TLIB3099 – Examine track infrastructure
TLIB3100 – Visually inspect track infrastructure units of competency.

What types of jobs are available upon completion?

Major skills shortages have been identified in the Australian rail industry and the average age of workers is 45 years and increasing at 1.6 times the national rate*.

There is an abundance of job roles available in the Australian rail sector and almost all of them require you to hold nationally-recognised qualifications.

For example, VIC LEVEL 1 TRAIN TRACK SAFETY AWARENESS teaches a basic skill set to access the rail corridor, as well as knowledge specific to Victorian rail networks.

For more information on nationally-recognised training and the courses offered by CERT, view the courses page on our website or call 1300 042 378 to speak to the office nearest you.

*statistics from Australian Industry Standards

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