Why Queensland Rail Workers Should Get the WET Assessment

July 30, 2022

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You might have heard of other Queensland Rail workers getting their WET assessment and wondered, what exactly is this?

If you’re a rail worker in Queensland who may need to secure a signal, and will need to enter the electrified area of the tracks, then you will need your WET assessment. 

The Working in Electrified Territory (WET) course is required for many rail workers working with Queensland Rail. Nationally accredited and certified training providers  like CERT can help you meet your requirements.

We will be covering many of the most frequently asked questions about the WET certificate in this article.

Why Do I Need WET Training?

In Queensland rail workers are required to complete WET entry level induction to complement the Safely Access the Rail Corridor (SARC) requirements as of 2018. 

You will cover content covering the risks and basic rules to follow while you work in electrified areas. As a rail worker you may work in areas of increased danger with live electricity. The purpose is  to give learners the knowledge they need to work with the electric traction system on the railway.

To prepare workers and to prioritise safety Queensland Rail requires workers to have a WET certificate to carry out work in these areas. 

How long does WET training take?

WET training is carried out across a half day of face to face workshop time with a facilitator. CERT offers AM and PM options to suit your availability. Find an assessment centre close to you and book in at a convenient time. 

What will I get after completing the WET Assessment?

On successful completion of your WET assessment you will be issued an Electrical Traction Safety Card (WET endorsement). This card will verify your completion of your training successfully and allow you to carry out jobs in electrified zones on the railway track. 

How Long Does the WET Certification last?

Your Queensland Rail Certificate of Achievement is valid for 3 years, before the card expiry you will be required to complete recertification.

CERT helps Queensland Rail workers complete recertification, or if their cad has expired will help them complete the full workshop again to receive a new WET assessment. 

Final Thoughts

Working in railways is really rewarding, but there are health and safety requirements all workers must follow. To maintain your own safety, as well as fellow employees and the general public, Queensland Rail requires employees are fully certified to carry out their roles.

WET training is a fundamental safety requirement for many roles with Queensland Rail and the knowledge you learn will keep you safe. Working on the railways in Queensland will give you a long and adventurous career, but you need to maintain your certifications to complete your role. 

CERT can help Queensland Rail workers to complete their WET assessment in a nationally accredited and certified course.

Speak to CERT today and we can help you take the next steps in your rail career and help you stay certified.