How CERT Training is Keeping You Safe During COVID-19

March 20, 2020

How Is Cert Training Keeping You Safe During COVID-19

The rail industry remains a critical infrastructure and service provider throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic. Here at CERT Training, we continue to prioritise how we protect our customers, employees, and our contractors with  some temporary changes to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

Although the COVID-19 situation remains fluid, our priorities remain the same.

Our priorities during this time are:

  • Providing and maintaining a safe environment for our customers, employees, and contractors
  • To safely maintain operations
  • Continuing to deliver our usual high-level of service

As per the recommendations from ASQA (statement issued on 17 March 2020), CERT Training Centre’s:

  •  Are providing hand sanitizer and have hand washing facilities at every training location
  •  Have changed the layout of our training rooms to accommodate social distancing recommendations
  •  Have reduced student numbers for each course
  •  Are currently reviewing the option to provide training on-line via virtual classroom instead of site-based training

In addition to these steps, CERT Training has also:

  • Implemented a review process for suspending or resuming all non-essential travel.
  • Altered our practices to prioritise socially distanced methods of communication including: Teams, Skype, teleconference, etc.
  • Increased signage about good personal hygiene and correct hand washing techniques.
  • Implemented steps to monitor employee health and recent travel to potential risk areas.
  • Developed a COVID-19 action plan to protect other workers and students from possible exposure.

We will continue to prioritise the safety of our students, while maintaining high levels of customer service. We ask that visitors to our sites respect location and state-based instructions for entry.

Together we can all play our part to minimise the effects of COVID-19. Further updates will be issued as information becomes available.

To discuss any of this information further please reach out via our Contact Us page.