How Much Do Train Drivers Earn in Australia?

November 15, 2021

Some people are looking for a good-paying job that does not require a university degree. Good example in this respect is the train driver salary in Australia. But how much do train drivers earn?

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Here’s how much do train drivers make in Australia.

How much do train drivers earn?

The latest data from the Australian human resource consulting company, SEEK, reveals that the average train driver salary in Australia ranges from AUD 115,000 to AUD 135,000, with the lowest salaries ranging from AUD 95,000 to the highest salaries going up to AUD 155,000 per year.

How much do train drivers earn in NSW?

The latest data from Glassdoor reveals the estimated train driver salary in Sydney, NSW is AUD 85,000 per year. However, this figure is an approximate base pay and can vary based on factors such as train driving experience, qualifications, and the specific rail operator. Train drivers may also be entitled to various benefits, such as overtime pay and allowances, depending on their employment agreement and working conditions.

How much do train drivers get paid in Victoria?

The average train driver salary in Melbourne is AUD 106,766 per year. This figure is an approximate base pay and can vary based on different factors as mentioned above. Train drivers working in Melbourne, Victoria may also be entitled to various benefits based on their employment conditions.

How much do train drivers make in Queensland?

According to Glassdoor, the average train driver salary in Brisbane, QLD is AUD 100,000 per year. However, besides the base Queensland rail train driver salary, employees also earn extra for overtime and penalties. For example, the train driver with the most overtime in 2017 earned AUD 76,000, reaching a total annual pay of AUD 194,000 according to ABC News.

An Estimation of Train Driver Wages over the Years

Of course, when you search for “how much do train drivers get paid”, you will see the national average pay for a train driver with experience. Just like in any job, you start with an entry-level trainee train driver salary and you will get increments as you become more experienced and gain new skills and qualifications.

An Australian job board offers the following estimation for the salary ladder for train drivers:

  • Trainee locomotive driver salary: AUD 73,560 per year
  • Low salary for junior train driver: AUD 85,760
  • Experienced full time salary for locomotive drivers: AUD 142,030
  • High salary for a very experienced driver: AUD 240,000

Also, a specialised website that collects salary statistics for the most popular jobs across the globe has calculated the train driver wage increases as they gain experience. Thus, the salary of train drivers in Melbourne and other cities usually increases over the years as follows:

  • 32% between the 2nd and 5th year
  • 36% between the 5th and the 10th year
  • 21% between the 10th and the 15th year

A simple calculation shows that after 15 years of employment, train drivers in Sydney will nearly double their salary. That is not something you can say about other types of jobs.

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How do train driver wages compare to other jobs?

If you are thinking twice about taking CERT Training courses to qualify for train driver jobs, here are some facts, collected by a magazine from neighbouring country New Zealand on Australian wages.

They also wondered: how much do train drivers make? But they put the numbers in perspective, by comparing them to other average salaries in Australia. Thus, using the annual median income of AUD 114,125 as a benchmark, the magazine editors found two categories of employees that earn less:

  • School principals – AUD 112,075
  • Dentists – AUD 109,457

Both these jobs require a university diploma. By comparison, a train driver can start with a few core qualifications and then take more courses over the years and become more skilled.

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