What is the ARTC and How can you get a NSW rail job?

ARTC Protection Officer holding a green flag

For those interested in a challenging and rewarding career in freight rail, there’s plenty of opportunities around Australia. One of the largest freight operators in the country is the ARTC, who operate freight services across huge distances in Australia.


How to Become an ARTC NSW Protection Officer

How to Become an ARTC NSW Protection Officer

The Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) plays a critical role in operating the country’s transport supply chain and managing 8,500 kilometres of the rail network. Safety is at the heart of everything the ARTC does. The corporation is continually searching

How to Become Certified for NSW Rail Jobs

Wagon Maintainer working on a locomotive

In an increasingly unstable job market, one sector continues to thrive: the rail transportation industry. So, are you interested in getting certified for one of the NSW rail jobs? Then we invite you to browse our range of courses online