TFNSW Track Protection Officer Level 1

Track Protection Officer Level 1 aims to equip participants with the required knowledge and skills to coordinate and manage track protection in accordance with Safeworking and regulatory requirements and workplace procedures for Lookout working and Absolute Signal Blocking.

TfNSW TPO Pre-Assessment

The PO Pre-assessment is a requirement for becoming a new Track Protection Officer Level 1 Authorised for the Sydney Trains Network.

The Protection Officer Pre-assessment assesses the skills needed to perform the role of a Protection Officer (PO).

It is a formal assessment that involves a structured range of activities. Candidates will be required to meet the minimum benchmark of the PO Pre-assessment to be issued a certificate of completion.

Any learners enrolling in the Track Protection Officer Level 1 course that commences from 3rd October 2022 will be required to complete the PO Pre-assessment to be authorised for the Sydney Trains Network.

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Upon successful completion of all assessments, students will receive:

Statement of Attainment (Nationally Recognised)

  • TLIF2081 Perform lookout duties
  • TLIF2097 Use audible track warning devices
  • TLIF3083 Conduct track protection assessment
  • TLIL3082 Implement absolute signal blocking
  • TLIW0007 Operate under track protection rules
  • TLIW2037 Clip and secure points

 Certificate of Achievement

  •  TfNSW Track Protection Officer Level 1



The following topics are covered within this course:

  • Describe the methods of protection for working on track used in the Sydney Network
  • Plan work in the Rail Corridor
  • Use the Lookout Working method of work
  • Use the Absolute Signal Blocking (ASB) method of work
  • Take appropriate safety precautions when operating under Lookout Working or ASB track protection rules
  • Manage unsafe situations or emergencies when implementing track protection.
  • Take appropriate safety precautions when walking in the Danger Zone
  • Use approved communication procedures
  • Take appropriate safety precautions when near electrical infrastructure

Entry Requirements


The pre-requisites for this course are as follows:

  • TLIF0020 Safely access the rail corridor
  • TfNSW SX52 Accessing the Rail Corridor Induction
  • TLIF0008 Apply safety critical communications in the rail environment
  • TfNSW SC01 Safety Critical Communications

Language Literacy and Numeracy (LL&N)


Participants will undergo an LL&N assessment at the commencement of the course. This course requires participants to have LL&N levels to be able to:

  • Read and understand work safety signs and symbols
  • Read and understand workplace policies and procedures
  • Communicate identified hazards and necessary instructions



  • Theory Assessment (conducted in-class)
  • Digital Logbook – this needs to be signed off by an already qualified TfNSW Track Protection Officer Level 1
  • Practical Assessment – conducted on one one in a non-live track environment

Delivery Method


  • This course is facilitated via a face-to-face workshop



NSW ARTC Track Examiner & Certifier


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Medical Requirement

Category 3 Rail Medical (CAT 3)

A Category 3 Rail Medical, often referred to as a CAT 3 Medical, is an assessment designed to help non-safety critical workers make sure their health and fitness does not impact the rail network. The CAT 3 Medical tests your ability to operate safely in the rail corridor so you can hear instructions, move to a safe place, and maintain an awareness of your surroundings.

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TFNSW Track Protection Officer Level 1

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