How to Become an ARTC NSW Protection Officer

December 30, 2021

The Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) plays a critical role in operating the country’s transport supply chain and managing 8,500 kilometres of the rail network. Safety is at the heart of everything the ARTC does. The corporation is continually searching for newly qualified Protection Officers for NSW rail jobs. There’s plenty to learn and the level of responsibility is high, but with the right training, the role is incredibly rewarding.


What does an ARTC Protection Officer do?


The main role of a Protection Officer is to implement appropriate levels of worksite protection and safety protocols for activities within the rail network. Key responsibilities include managing traffic on worksites within the rail corridor and ensuring workers have safe interactions with machinery.


Want to know more about how to train as an ARTC NSW Protection Officer? CERT Training makes it easy to move up the ranks with accredited NSW rail job courses. All are competency-based, starting with Level 1 accreditation and moving up to Level 4. Once trained, you’ll be equipped with the skills, knowledge and experience to work as an ARTC NSW Protection Officer.


Note: Before commencing the NSW ARTC Protection Officer course, participants must have the following:


  • Current Category 1 rail medical.
  • CPCCWHS1001 Work safely in the construction industry.
  • A TfNSW SX52 Accessing the Rail Corridor or ARTC National Track Safety Awareness (NTSA).
  • A Rail Industry Worker (RIW) ID card with the above items listed on it.
  • 100 points of identification.


NSW ARTC Protection Officer Level 1


NSW ARTC Protection Officer Level 1 covers a wide range of basic topics, including assessing risks associated with working within the rail corridor, identifying suitable levels of protection, demonstrating Lookout Working and CSB/ASB methods and acting as a lookout.


After completing the course, you’ll receive a Nationally Recognised Statement of Attainment. This course also allows you to access roles involving Controlled Signal Blocking or Lookout Working on the ARTC Network.


Learn more about the NSW ARTC Protection Officer Level 1 course.


NSW ARTC Protection Officer Level 2


Take your career to the next level with NSW ARTC Protection Officer Level 2 training. You’ll cover rules and procedures relating to pilot staff working and train order working, as well as how to plan and coordinate safety across multiple worksites.


Understanding the general requirements of a Track Occupancy Authority (TOA), completing relevant TOA documentation and piloting rail traffic within the limits of a TOA are also covered.


Learn more about the NSW ARTC Protection Officer Level 2 course.


NSW ARTC Protection Officer Level 3


Upon completing Level 3 of your ARTC NSW Protection Officer training, you’ll have an in-depth understanding of the rules and procedures for managing worksite protection according to the Track Work Authority method. This includes following the correct protocols to remove the 1500V overhead supply for urgent work, protecting a worksite with fixed signals and withdrawing a TWA to return a track to normal service.


This course also trains you to correctly identify and place temporary speed restriction signs and respond to CAN warnings and follow the correct procedure to complete a CAN form. Along with Level 1 and Level 2 course completion, this course requires you to be a qualified NSW ARTC Handsignaller Level 2.


Learn more about the NSW ARTC Protection Officer Level 3 course.


NSW ARTC Protection Officer Level 4


Level 4 of the ARTC NSW Protection Officer training covers how to use a Work on Track review and manage a Local Possession Authority (LPA). Again, you’ll receive a fourth Nationally Recognised Statement of Attainment with a special focus on implementing an LPA.


Areas of learning include describing the general requirements of an LPA, identifying the responsibilities of a Possession Protection Officer, piloting a train within the limits of an LPA and following the correct protocols to return the track to normal service.


Learn more about the NSW ARTC Protection Officer Level 4 course.

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