Queensland Rail Jobs: Why You Need SARC & Fatigue Management Course

January 15, 2022

Safety is front of mind within the rail sector. Pathways like the SARC & Fatigue Management course, the best fatigue management course, are designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge to safely enter and navigate the rail corridor for Queensland rail jobs.

The course meets all the essential legislative and regulatory requirements outlined by Queensland Rail, including official Safely Access the Rail Corridor (SARC) accreditation. It’s very important for employers and employees working in a rail environment. Not only does it provide valuable experiences and knowledge in a safe and supportive setting, but it also ensures all workers are well-equipped with the skills and awareness to minimise fatigue and life-threatening mistakes while performing Queensland rail jobs.

What Does the SARC & Fatigue Management Course Include?

After completing the course you’ll have a deeper understanding of the key policies, procedures and protocols needed for best-practice rail safety in Queensland. This includes recognising danger zones, identifying safe places, applying minimum sighting distances and maintaining situational awareness to identify potential risks. Other focal areas include:

  • Determining the direction of approaching traffic
  • Identifying electrical safety hazards, risks and controls used in the rail corridor
  • Reporting unsafe situations within the rail corridor
  • Adhering to safe working rules, procedures and regulatory requirements

There’s also a special focus on identifying, managing and responding to signs of fatigue. Throughout the course you’ll learn life-saving strategies to minimise fatigue and improve focus and alertness while working in the rail corridor.

After completing the course you’ll receive a Nationally Recognised Statement of Attainment demonstrating completion of the following units:

  • TLIF2080 – Safely access the rail corridor
  • TLIW2001 – Operate under track protection rules
  • TLIF2010 – Apply fatigue management strategies

You’ll also receive a Queensland Rail Certificate of Achievement confirming completion of the QR3.2 Safely Access the Rail Corridor course. It’s aligned with the specific requirements of Queensland Rail’s Network Rules and Procedures, meaning you’re qualified to work across the state.

The course is a great pathway to other roles with Queensland Rail. There are many other Queensland railway courses available with CERT. The TLI21315 – Certificate II in Rail Infrastructure qualification is a popular course to combine with the SARC & Fatigue Management Course.

Important Things to Know Before Starting

  1. There are several entry requirements you’ll need to meet, including Language Literacy and Numeracy (LL&N) tests.
  2. The SARC & Fatigue Management Course is delivered via face-to-face workshops, so you’ll have plenty of support.
  3. Assessment methods include theory (open book), practical demonstration and case studies.
  4. Once certified, the Queensland Rail Certificate of Achievement is valid for three years. To keep your qualification valid, you’ll need to complete a recertification course after three years.

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