Inland Rail, Cross River Rail: Exciting Rail Projects in Australia

January 30, 2022

Australia has one of the most advanced rail networks in the world, with more than 36,000 kilometres of track spanning across the country. Most of the infrastructure is either federal or state-owned, with the government continually pioneering new and exciting projects.

Not only do new railway projects give Australians more options for getting from A to B, they also create hundreds of jobs for individuals currently working in the rail sector or those looking for new careers. They also provide Australian companies more opportunities to establish electrical, construction and maintenance contracts for their workforce.

To find out more about what’s planned for 2020 and beyond, check out some of the latest railway projects in Australia.

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Inland Rail

Spanning from Melbourne to Brisbane, the proposed Inland Rail skirts the western edge of the Great Dividing Range and will offer Australian businesses an ultra-efficient new freight transport option. Inland Rail trains will run between the two major cities in less than 24 hours. The 1700-kilometre line is also set to transform the way produce is transported between Australia’s most profitable farming regions.

Cross River Railway

Stretching from Dutton Park to Bowen Hills, the 10.2-kilometre Cross River Rail project will elevate Brisbane’s rail network to world-class status. The line will feature a pair of tunnels that run below the CBD and the Brisbane River, creating an invisible and highly efficient transport network.

New underground stations will be constructed at Boggo Road, Woolloongabba, Albert Street and Roma Street. Upgrades to eight existing above-ground stations are also planned for this city-changing railway project.

Melbourne Airport Rail Link

The Melbourne Airport Rail Link will provide a fast and affordable transport option for the 67 million annual passengers projected to arrive at Melbourne Airport by 2038. Construction is set to begin in 2022. The line is intended to branch off the Sunshine transport interchange and ferry passengers between Melbourne Airport at Tullamarine and the CBD.


Engineered to meet the needs of Perth’s growing population, METRONET will see more than 70 kilometres of new passenger rail installed across the city. There will be up to 18 new stations, as well as extensive upgrades.

One of the biggest projects is the Forrestfield-Airport Link. It’s designed to connect the eastern foothills and Perth Airport with the CBD in just 20 minutes.

Exciting Railway Projects Redefining Travel in Australia

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