How to complete your RISI course for NSW Rail Job?

How to complete your RISI course for NSW Rail Job

If you are looking for a rail job in NSW then you must complete the Rail Industry Safety Induction (RISI) course. A nationally recognised certification, this induction is an entry requirement for any job on the railway network in Australia.

How to get a White Card

Group of railway industry worker training to get their white card

It seems like there’s always new construction going on in Australia’s major cities. Between infrastructure projects, public transport and residential works, construction is one of the largest employers in the country. But you must have your White Card active before

How to get a job in the mines – the Complete Guide

two railway industry workers smiling

Want to start working in the mines, but not sure where to start?

CERT has compiled all the most frequently asked questions about starting a mining career in one place. If you think mining might be right for you then

Why Queensland Rail Workers Should Get the WET Assessment

queensland railway worker WET assessment

overlooking the railway

You might have heard of other Queensland Rail workers getting their WET assessment and wondered, what exactly is this?

If you’re a rail worker in Queensland who may need to secure a signal, and will need to enter the electrified

How to get your scaffolding ticket

a smiling railway industry worker with rail medical

With more and more developments underway in major cities across Australia, scaffolders are always in high demand. A scaffolding career will challenge you and offer you many opportunities, but you must make sure you have your scaffolding ticket or licence

Where can I find rail jobs around Australia?

Two rail workers out on site

Australia is criss-crossed by railways that offer a key service to industry and the public. Freight rail covers the nation and links states, regions and industries to power the economy.

For the public, rail offers a safe and efficient means

What is the ARTC and How can you get a NSW rail job?

ARTC Protection Officer holding a green flag

For those interested in a challenging and rewarding career in freight rail, there’s plenty of opportunities around Australia. One of the largest freight operators in the country is the ARTC, who operate freight services across huge distances in Australia.