What Is A RIW Card And Why You Must Have It Updated ASAP

You must have your RIW card updated ASAP.

The Rail Industry Worker (RIW) program is Australia’s national competency management system that aims to monitor and ensure the competencies of rail industry workers. The program offers several benefits to the Australian local rail industry and its workers, including applying …

How to Get a RIW Card?

How to get a RIW Card

If you are employed in the rail industry in Australia, you will likely need to obtain a Rail Industry Worker (RIW) card. Here’s how to get a RIW card.

What is a RIW Card?

A RIW Card is an identification …

RIW Card Course: Safely Access the Rail Corridor

Safely Access the rail Corridor (RIW card course) is needed for a RIW card.

Railway jobs are rewarding and challenging, offering you a career that can take you many places. Working close to trains is exhilarating, however, as with many jobs, there are ongoing health and safety protocols you will need to follow to …

Announcement: CERT Training Update to ONRSR Safety Alert