Where can I find rail jobs around Australia?

May 30, 2022

Australia is criss-crossed by railways that offer a key service to industry and the public. Freight rail covers the nation and links states, regions and industries to power the economy.

For the public, rail offers a safe and efficient means of transport for holidaymakers and workers. There’s a lot of major rail projects underway across every state, and if you’re looking for a job on the railway it can be difficult to know where to start with so much going on.

We’ve compiled a list of the best places in each state to begin your job search for a rail job in Australia. Find the best career opportunities in your state and get your rail career underway.

What do I need to get a job in rail?

Working on rail jobs in Australia requires you to have completed safety training and accreditations relevant to your role. A trusted and recognised registered training organisation (RTO) like CERT can help you complete the required training. 

Where can I find a rail job in my state?


Where to find rail jobs in New South Wales?

If you’re interested in the career in rail and looking for rail jobs in New South Wales there’s a few places you should look first. If you’re in Sydney checkout Sydney trains careers first. You can also visit the Transport for NSW jobs page for open listing and apprenticeships. The ongoing development work for the Sydney Metro and it’s extended routes also offer job hopefuls more opportunities for a rail career in New South Wales. Outside of Sydney the Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) offers careers in rail across New South Wales and regional areas.

What Qualifications will I need for a rail job in New South Wales?

You’ll need to complete the relevant training and certifications for New South Wales rail jobs, depending on your role. CERT is authorised to deliver training in a diverse range of rail jobs, depending on the needs of your role and employer support. These include the NSW Adjust Rail course, or the NSW ARTC Handsignaller course. Browse all the NSW rail qualifications offered by CERT as you explore careers in NSW rail.


Where to find rail jobs in Queensland?

Queensland offers a range of options for those looking for rail jobs in Queensland. If a railway career is of interest and you live in the Sunshine State or Brisbane checkout the Queensland Rail website if you’re an apprentice you can find rail apprenticeships at Queensland Training for Apprenticeships website. The Brisbane Cross River Rail project also offers another option for rail jobs in Queensland. Another option is the Queensland Department of Transport & Main Roads which offer infrastructure roles also.

What Qualifications will I need for a rail job in Queensland?

Relevant qualifications for jobs on Queensland rail lines include Queensland’s Working in Electrified Territory (WET) or courses on Safely Accessing the Rail Corridor certifications. With the support of your employer you’ll be ready for your career in Queensland rail through completion of Queensland rail qualifications.

rail workers in the train


Where to find rail jobs in Victoria?

Are you a Victorian resident looking for rail jobs in Victoria? There’s many options for getting your Victorian rail career underway with VIC Careers or with the VLine directly. Check out all the major rail projects in the state at Rail Projects Victoria and find open opportunities on these large scale infrastructure projects. If you are looking for a rail job in Melbourne, find open positions with Metro Trains. For apprentice hopefuls you can find opportunities with the Rail Academy and Public Transport Victoria.

What Qualifications will I need for a rail job in Victoria?

Working in rial in Victoria will require you to have certain certifications which you can complete while supported by your employer. The Safely Access the Rail Corridor VL course is required by certain roles as well as Apply Track Fundamentals courses. To work on Victorian railways check out the certifications available on CERT.


Where to find rail jobs in South Australia?

For rail jobs in South Australia candidates can find open positions with the South Australian Department of Infrastructure & Transport. They even offer apprenticeships for young job hopefuls to build long careers in the industry. For rail jobs in Adelaide checkout Adelaide Metro Rails careers page for open positions.

What Qualifications will I need for a rail job in South Australia?

South Australians will need the right certification with the support of their employer to find a railway job. CERT offers a range of courses for South Australian residents, including the Certificate II in Rail Infrastructure and ARTC Track Awareness training. There’s a range of courses offered on CERT to help you find the perfect railway job in South Australia.


Where to find rail jobs in Western Australia?

For West Australians looking for rail careers you can start your search in Perth with the Metronet. For apprentice hopefuls there’s many great positions available at Jobs & Skills WA. Another option for rail jobs in Western Australia is Public Transport Authority WA. Find the perfect opportunity to build a career on the railways. 

What Qualifications will I need for a rail job in Western Australia?

Just like other states, you will need the support of your employer to complete the certifications and courses needed to work on the railways in Western Australia. CERT offers a range of courses to qualify for these roles including the nationally recognised Certificate II in Rail Infrastructure course.


Where else can I find rail jobs in Australia?

There’s plenty of national railway companies where you can find rail jobs in Australia. The ambitious freight project for the Inland Rail will provide new job opportunities for Queensland, New South Wales and Victorian markets. The ARTC is another national employer with ril careers across the country.

Other private employers seeking qualified rail employees include infrastructure giant John Holland, and mining companies like BHP and Rio Tinto. Major mining sites like Roy Hill offer opportunities to, along with other rail firms One Rail and Kelios Downer.

Final Thoughts

Rail offers a multitude of employment opportunities for Australians. There’s major rail infrastructure programs underway in all states, and ambitious national plans as well.

With the right opportunity and qualifications from certified training partners like CERT you’ll be set for a long and exciting career on Australia’s many railroads.

Enrol in CERT Training now and kick start your career in rail infrastructure.

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